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The COVAB AFRISA programmes were developed by Makerere University and the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Education and Sports to address a gap in job creation in the animal resource sector. The programmes focus on Commodity Value chains eg Dairy, Meat, leather, Poultry, Pig, Bees, Fish.

The Ordinary certificate and diploma address what is called a value chain. This means you will get comprehensive training, for example on the Dairy value chain that includes primary milk production on the farm to milk value addition in the dairy industry where you learn to make dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, powdered milk, ice cream and others.

All students (certificate and diploma) must graduate with a home project or enterprise as part of the award; and are assisted to nurture the business for profitability for a given period depending on enterprise. This means that before graduation you will set up your enterprise or improve some-ones enterprise e.g. parents or relatives businesses. Your home project or enterprise will be picked from the value chain of your choice.

It is possible to change from one value chain to another during the first month of the programme.

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